Your privileged and trusted partner
for the purchase of works of art

Move the lines!

Agnez Art Gallery is a traveling contemporary art gallery. Constantly moving without fixed walls, she moved across France and elsewhere. Agnez Art organizes exhibitions as close to the public to encourage meetings with artists and discover their work.

It all starts with a meeting:

In preparation of each exhibition, Nicolas Samson-Agnez moves to meet its artists to explore their world and set to music with them the proposed establishment. Respect, knowledge of artists and high artistic standards are the basis of the approach of the Gallery.

Art is generous, simply welcome!

Agnez Art Gallery wants to share his passion for contemporary art to a wide audience and offers works for all budgets. Its ambition is to promote the emergence of a new generation of collectors.


The gallery delivers a certificate of authenticity, dated, describing the work with its purchase price and signed by the artist. This document allows you to ensure your artwork with your insurance company in case of disaster.


Like our artists? You bought a work? Agnez Art Gallery, informs you constantly the latest designs and the rating of artists.

Agnez Art Gallery is an experience, a state of mind, a story which you are the actors.

You plebiscite our artists? Like our concept? Contact us, individuals or companies, to organize an exhibition or home near you, or to discover our rental services works.


AgnezArtYour privileged and trusted partner
for the purchase of works of art